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Malik Farooq Hayat Awan, Director Marketing of Shalimar Group of Companies founded this ONLINE REAL ESTATE PLATFORM.

Jaageer Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Jaageer Marketing deals with different real estates projects such as different housing societies and commercial buildings and advertises these projects on the website to have a better market online as well.

At present, there are more than 1500 Agencies registered at our portal and has featured 15000+ listings from all over the country.

Vision to life

Giving a vision to life where you can buy or sell your hot listings.

Comfort or priority

Your comfort, Our priority a key to your dream listing.

How did it all start?

Shalimar Group has been the vital part of Construction Industry of Sargodha Division, since 1984. After completing multiple successful projects we gained huge appreciation from our valued clients and other related groups, Shalimar Group entered in the Real Estate market in 2014.

As Pakistan’s Real estate Industry is growing rapidly, we found great potential and boost in our Real estate ventures. As our network expanded rapidly in the last few years, we felt that there should be an Online digital platform to not only connect all stakeholders but also invite new clients to join us. In December 2018, development on was started. Name “Jaageer” is derived from the Urdu word “جاگیر” meaning “Estates”. Jaageer Marketing Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of the Shalimar Group of Companies.


Our Services connects buyers with sellers and tenants with landlords for highly user friendly real estate experience. As a technology platform, we provide a comprehensive database of the freshest home listings, so eventual buyers can search for their dream house. offers you a secure investment in different projects of real estates. Our Projects are registered under TMA bylaws.

Quick Inquiry Respond

Our First priority to save your time. We have all types of real estate solutions.You can find your desired property online at

Time Saving

Along the local residence, overseas Pakistani can also have equal access to the online platform. Our first priority allows the buyers continuous access to relevant market data so they can make the most informed choice, plus our image presentation technology provides home buyers an organized view of prospective properties.

Jaageer online Registry Calculator took a unique step for the online users, A registry calculator quickly calculate registry even on the screen. You can easily find out the estimated file transfer cost of your desired property. It contains amazing features like, DC rates of all areas, Update FBR rates, Contonment Board properties rates, Government approved both Rural and Urban property rates, all types of duties and deed writer expenses.

Free Registration

Get yourself registered on our platform and feature your listings or reach the perfect home you are in search of. We are providing services free of cost to make your living happier and more economical in today's Era.

Facilitation for overseas Pakistani

Our CSR team responds to clients’ inquiries as soon as possible without wastage of time.


Jaageer Marketing
(Pvt) Ltd connects you with the best local professionals who can help. Our experts guidelines help you to buy or sell your home, your needs are most important, so we provide you a best solution for your need.

Property Searching Just Got So Easy with

Pakistan's Premium Property Portal, has shown the way on, in e-marketing by launching the Goal of 'FIND PROPERTY ACROSS PAKISTAN'. We are thrilled to help our clients to make better decision in Real Estate. Major cities of our search engine incudes Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Karachi, Sheikhupura, Murree, Kalam and Khanewal.You can also list your property free, and get direct enquiry from Potential Buyers.

Jaageer Marketing team

with real estate marketing, including houses, plots, commercial and residential buildings, selling and renting out all sorts of properties. Jaageer marketing team is always available to assist the clients. The representative of Jaageer marketing does not only reach out to you but also clicks pictures of your property, uploads it on the Jaageer property portal, and tries to sell or rent it out as soon as possible. Jaageer Marketing deals with different real estate projects such as different housing societies and commercial buildings and advertises these projects on the website to have a better market online as well.

Jaageer Marketing deals

deals with marketing and advertising of properties via videos. A media representative of Jaageer marketing makes a video of any property worth more than 1.5 to 20 crores and publishes it on the website and on the YouTube channel named Jaageer TV. Jaageer Marketing also links the picture and video attachments of a certain project in the relevant blog. Jaageer Marketing also deals with different agencies that are registered with the Jaageer property portal. All the information related to the agency and the agent is shared on Jaageer Marketing helps other businesses to grow and flourish by marketing their specifications and features.

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