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Shalimar Products

Our company provides the highest quality products to its customers. The core of our business policy is to stay in contact with customers. Our company follows International Standards. We have the first automatic paver machine in Sargodha. The company is renowned due to high range of Installation, Consultation and High Capacity of engineering department for Concrete and Asphalt products. We are manufacturing highest quality asphalt products used in the pavement productions, asphalt- based coatings, sealers and much more. Asphalt products by Shalimar Group are highly recommended as they are sustainable, perpetual, and reliable for road construction. Our Concrete Machines have always been distinguished by their sturdy construction and their excellent production.

Concrete products are used to construct pavements, pipe, architectural structures, foundations, roads, bridges/overpasses, parking structure, brick/block walls, and footings for gates and fences.Shalimar Group of Companies has vast experience as it is serving the nation since 1984. We have covered a long journey for experiencing in production and manufacturing.

Lahore Road Sargodha

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