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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility deals with the social, environmental, and economic consequences of a companyโ€™s operation in link with public demands. Corporate Social Responsibility is a strategy to manage all the operations and businesses in an ethical and societal friendly manner. Corporate Social Responsibility deals with all the functions and departments of a company, be it operations, Human Resources, Health & safety, and accounts, etc. The main focus of Corporate Social Responsibility is to invest in health and environmental issues to keep the society upgraded and free of any problem.

Shalimar Group Of Companies provides large amount of opportunities to both men and women in the society. Shalimar Group as a social enterprise serving public and social commitments in the best possible way. Shalimar Group deals with businesses, governments, and societies and with the collaboration of these entities, creates a healthy corporation-society relationship.

Shalimar Group of Companies has always looked after labors. We considered them one of the most important pillars as they have played a vital role in constructing such a strong foundation. Concerning their services for Shalimar, Youme Mazdoor was celebrated on 1st May. Special incentives were given to them and were appreciated for their struggle with the Shalimar team. We believe that there is no secret to success without them.