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Event Overview

Gulberg Apartment Homes Launching Ceremony

Gulberg Apartment Homes Sargodha Ceremony

Gulberg apartment home is the new venture of Shalimar Homes and Gulberg City Housing Society. Gulberg apartments are the amalgamation of modern and traditional innovations, providing the best services to our clients. The launching ceremony of Gulberg apartment homes was held on 31 August 2019. The main purpose of this event was to introduce the new concept of building apartments to the people of Sargodha. The main idea of this project was portrayed in front of the guests by the chairman of the Shalimar group of companies Malik Khizar Hayat Awan. The directors of the company also presented different points regarding Gulberg Apartments to let the people have a detailed idea of this initiative. A fascinating activity was done in the event; the apartments of the single and double bed were allocated to guests through balloting. The purpose of this activity was to facilitate the people of Sargodha. The refreshment was also arranged by the Shalimar group of companies for all the guests who joined the launching ceremony of Gulberg Apartment Homes. This novel idea is based upon providing a luxurious living style to the people of Sargodha. We are always pondering upon striking ideas to bring luxury and comfort in the lives of the people of Sargodha.