Event Overview

The Golf Avenue launching event

welcome to the Smart Era of Sagodha.  In a riveting sequel to the grand inauguration of Sector 1, Shalimar Group proudly presented the pinnacle event of the year - the highly anticipated Balloting Event Of Sector 2, The Golf Avenue. A night shimmering with anticipation and excitement, the event marked a significant stride toward the realization of opulent living.
The balloting ceremony revealed the fortunate names that would call The Golf Avenue their future haven. Get a glimpse of the star-studded evening that witnessed lucky names revealed in the most thrilling balloting event ever.  Celebrities, comedians, TikTokers, and a mesmerizing singer set the stage on fire!  Chairman Shalimar Group Milik Khizar Hayat Awan inspiring speech left everyone motivated, promising to turn dreams into reality.  Investors and visionaries from around the corner gathered to witness this historic moment. Director Shalimar Group's warm welcome created an atmosphere of togetherness as guests immersed themselves in the world of Golf Avenue.
In a captivating gesture, a miniature golf lounge was set up , offering the attendees a firsthand experience of the elegance that The Golf Avenue promises.
As the night unfolded with elegance and grace, the balloting event of Sector 2, The Golf Avenue, etched itself as a remarkable chapter in Shalimar Group's journey.
Your dreams of luxurious living start here!