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Shalimar Smart City Balloting Ceremony

Balloting Ceremony

ShalimarSmartCity is going to transform the lifestyle of the community. #1stBalloting of the #phase1event was held on Friday 2nd July at Silver Palm Marquee. This event was organized to showcase the features and amenities, of the upcoming mega project. Chairman Malik Khizar Hayat Awan was the chief guest of the entire event. Famous personalities including singers, comedians and actors were also a part of the event. Pakistan renowned Qawwali group namely the Muazzam brothers with their masterly robust voice made a big splash in the event. Services of world-famous town planners #MeinhardtSingapore are been taken for this mega project and representatives Meinhardt also joined Shalimar group in the majestic eve. The lucky ones are announced in the balloting and the Shalimar Group congratulates them on such attainment.